A Tranquil Recluse

Receiving guests within a microcosm of a Tea space, (quiet, cozy private library parlor),……….
Experience a serene moment of Japanese hospitality imbued with grace and reticence.

Here, reflecting upon the delicate seasonal changes of Japan, carefully selected utensils in various
shades of nature will evoke a spirit of the evanescence of all things.

Traditional and Innovative forms of Tea display will be introduced, based upon Knowledge and years
of experience.
The sophistication and charm will surely enchant you.

After observing the Tea presentation, you will be guided in English through the procedure of
whisking a bowl of powdered tea in a comfortable table and chair setting.

A relaxed Q&A time with helpful tips on how to recreate your own creative Tea setting for friends
and family back home will be your souvenir from Japan.